Do Russian women like sex ?

Sex before marriage became a normal thing in Russia, but Russian women usually don't want other people to know about their sexual relations and try to hide them. To have sexual relations with a lot of men is still considered shameful for a woman in Russia. That is why women usually think a lot, before they make such a step.
Russian women don't like to talk about sex. Even if you began to date her, she will be very reserved about it. If you want to ask her something, you should do it in a very correct way. You must be ready that she will not answer your question and will tell you that she doesn't want to speak about it.
On the contrary if a man begins to speak about sex a lot, a Russian woman will think that he is not serious towards her and that he wants only to get her in bed. She even can part with you because of it.
It doesn't mean that she doesn't like sex. A Russian woman will not speak with you about it, untill she feels that she can trust you. So if a woman speaks very openly about sex with you at the beginning, it means she doesn't take you seriously and wants to play a joke on you or that she is a scammer.
Russian women don't like to kiss and to hug with men at their first dates. So you should remember about it and not to be offended.
Sex for Russian women is an expression of feelings and it should happen naturally. Russian women prefer passion to technique. So you should show your passion and don't speak a lot about it.
If a woman is ready, she will agree to come to your place. If she doesn't want to have it, she will never come to you, even to have a cup of coffee.



Nethmi Fernando said...
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Anonymous said...

I have a Russian girl friend of the Soviet Times I've never talked to her in a in proper manner but she insists on being married before full intercourse is this normal we have been together now however we do not live together