How to make a Russian woman respect you

Foreign men  hope that they will be loved and respected by Russian women. But they doesn't always get such respect they want.

Now most of Russian women don't want  to infringe on their rights.They often don't listen to their men's opinion and even can be unfaithful. 

If a Russian woman doesn't respect you, you should think what you do wrong and to change your attitude to her.

Here are some advice how to do it.

1.)Pay more attention to yourself: A Russian woman will respect you, only if you respect yourself. If you try to please her, if you buy all what she wants and deny yourself all over, it is not a surprise that she thinks that you do not deserve her. Stop behaving in this way. Began to pay more attention to yourself. 

2.)Stop spoiling your woman:
It is strange why Russian women sometimes don't respect men who earn well and are ready to fulfill all her whims. But women like children, if you spoil them too much, they began to behave badly. The famouse Russian poet Pushkin A.S. said: "The more we love a woman, the less she loves us."

3.)Be self respected:
Behave with your woman, like she behaves with you. For example, if she doesn't give you presents for your birthday or holidays, don't give her too. Don't forget to show your offence in time. If she is not frank with you, doesn't tell you her secrets, don't tell her too and so on in every cases.