Ideal first date with a Russian woman (Instruction for men)

If you follow this instruction, you will make a great impression on a Russian woman of your dream.

1.) Call a Russian woman in advance and tell her of your great desire to meet at the end of the week. And ask what date is convenient for her? The woman will have time to be ready for a date and she realizes that this meeting is very important for you and you plan it in advance. 

 2.) Ask where she wants to meet at the restaurant or at a cozy coffee house? Or, maybe, at a theater, an exhibition ? Organize everything yourself: choose the most comfortable place and book a table beforehand. The woman will be  surprised with your foresight and good taste. Russian women like men of desicion.
4.) Dress well for the evening. You should look clean and good-looking. It is much more important than a physical appearance.

5). It would be nice if you visit the flower shop and buy a small bouquet of flowers. Ideal  are flowers in a basket.

6.)Try to arrive in time.
7.)Be galant! Courtliness is a priceless quality in a modern man.  Open the door for her, put a chair and so on.
 In fact, for the woman is not difficult to open the door herself and sit down, but this makes the man very charming.
9.) Сontrol your speech! Don't use a foul language.
10.) You shouldn't  ask your woman: "Are you hungry
?" in the restaurant. This question shows that a man has little amount of money only for tea and cake and even if she is hungry, she will say that she has recently dined. Ask her: (for example):

  M.: - I take the steak and salad, and you?
  W.: - I do not know, basically, I'm not hungry ...
  M.: - Try the steak! Here it is cooked wonderfully! Or select the fish. Choose the salad. And what will you drink?
 If the girl is confused, choose for her
Even if she is not hungry, she will appreciate your generosity and attention. 

11.) After dinner offer her dessert, tea, coffee and cakes. It is better not to show your economy.
13.) Smile, joke, make compliments during the evening. Tell her something pleasant. Make compliments to her look, style, manicure, mind.
As she wanted to be liked and made a lot of efforts before the meeting.

14.) During the meeting don't look at other women
for a long time. Do not make the impression of a womanizer. It is very sad for the woman. It's better to look into the eyes of your woman.
15.) Don't talk only about yourself. Ask her questions too.
16.)When the waiter brings the bill, don't show  that you are dissapointed with the amount. At least at the first meeting.

17.) You can  kiss her to the cheek before to say good-bye but decide it for yourself.

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