Russian foul language

Russian foul language is difficult to understand even for a foreign men who knows speaking Russian.

So I will try to tell you about the main foul language expressions.

Russian foul language is considered to be blameable. But at the same time it is often used by millions of men in Russia. 
In Russian like in English all foul words are connected with sex.

Russian teachers usually don't teach this language. And it is better don't use it, as you will not be able to copy the intonation of a typical Russian man. Besides you can use it incorrectly and to get in an unpleasant situation. 

Here are some main
Russian foul language expressions and foul 

1.) What takaya khujnya! - [ 'Wot ta'kaya hui'nja!] - to tell exactly it can be translated like: here is a man's sexual genitals.

2.) Bljad [ b'ljad' ]- is used if something is wrong or you don't like anything. Some people get to used it in every case. The translation of this word  is "a prostitute." Some people use the word "blya"-[b'lja]  instead of "blyad."

3.) "Khuy" [ 'huj]- is a rude word. It means a man's sexual genitals. It is similar to khujnya.

If you want to  get rid of somebody, you say "idi na khuy" [ i'di na 'huj]. It is a very rude and impolite expression.

If you don't need anything or don't want, you can add "na khuy" [na 'huj]. Some people use it just to feel cool.

4.)Pizda [ piz'da] is a woman's sexual genitals. You can say it when you want to offend somebody, if you are angry with him. There is another variation of this word pizdets [ piz'dets]. It means that the things are very bad. It can be also used just for no particular reason.

5.) The American expression " fuck you" has the Russian equivalent "yob tvoyu mat" [ 'job tvo'ju mat' ]. It means " fuck your mother."

"Tvoyu mat" [ tvo'ju mat'] is often used to express angriness, admiration, dissatisfaction or surprise.