How to understand a Russian woman easily.

A lot of foreign men suffer from the presence of an interpretor, when they meet a Russian woman. They want to stay with the woman of their dream alone and to save money too. As Russian women usually know English badly, there is a big problem how to understand each other. How can you solve this problem in a convinient way for you?

Buy  a T-11 Russian English Electronic Translator.

 How does this translator can be compared to other electronic translators? This is an amazing model. As you going to marry a Russian woman and to live with her for many years. I advice you not to save on it as it would be better to use it for both of you.

1.) T-11, Russian can translate not only single words but also any text, sentences & phrases vice versa Russian- English and English - Russian  

2.)T-11, Russian is 4 in 1 model.. • Talking Text Translator • Talking Dictionary • Talking Phrase Book • Talking Pocket organizer
  • English-Russian Dictionary(520,000 words) ,Oxford English-Russian Dictionary.Oxford Russian-English Dictionary( 400,000 words),Juridical, Medical,Modern Abbreviations,Economics and Finances,Russian-Russian Dictionary ,The New Oxford American Dictionary English-English,English Drug Dictionary.
  • Speaks all Russian and English Phrases of Self-Combination in Text Translation, Words or Phrases in built-in Dictionary and Phrase Book. Adjustable audio speed let you to hear the voice in a natural expression or a slower speed can help you to follow the voice pronunciation. Recording your pronunciation to match with the native speaker. 100% real human voice - English pronunciation .100% real human voice - Russian pronunciation .
  • Other features of Voice Recorder, Scientific Calculator, Unit Conversions and Text Reader. Accessories : (included in the package) * 2pc. AAA batteries; 1pc. earphone; 1pc. User Manual . USB connection.One Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Grammar and Learning : * English Lessons and Inflections.10 English Lessons and English Phonics designed by professional English Teachers .15 English Classic Novels with audio . English Irregular Verb Dictionary 840 words.English Synonym 15,000 words, Antonym 12,000 words.English Tests, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, SAT, Grammar and Vocabulary. * Russian Lessons and Inflections. -- Russian Verb Conjugation 3,000 headwords. -- Russian Noun Inflection 9,500 headwords. -- Russian Adjective Inflection 4,500 headwords. -- Introduction of Russian Grammar. -- Lesson of Russian Phonics.